Creates a scheduled send.
FrequencyIntegerYes, if it is a recurring scheduled send, else No
If you want the scheduled send to send out every day, set the Frequecy to 1, for every 2nd day set it to 2 etc.
FromNameStringYesThe From name to be displayed in the email
MailinglistIDIntegerYesThe mailing list that you want the scheduled send to send to
NewsletterIDIntegerYes, if the PageUrl is not specified, else No.Set this to the ID of the newsletter if you want to send to a specific newsletter each time. If you want to send a dynamic newsletter, rather use the PageUrl option
PageUrlURLYes if NewsletterID is not specified else No.Use this parameter to set the scheduled send to retrieve a newsletter from the specified URL before sending. Either PageUrl or NewsletterID should be specified, but not both
ReplyToEmailString (email address)YesThe reply to email address
SendDateDateYesSet this to the first date you want to send the schedule.
Date should be in the following format : yyyy-mm-dd
SendScheduleIntegerNoDefaults to "OnceOff"

OnceOff = 0
Recurring = 1
SubjectStringYesThe subject for your scheduled send
TextVersionBooleanNoDefaults to false. Set this to true if you want to only send the text version of the newsletter
TimeToSendHourIntegerYesSet this to the hour you want your scheduled send to go out.
If you want to send the newsletter at 1PM, set this to 13.

Value should be between 0 and 23
TimeToSendMinuteIntegerYesSet this to send your schedule either on the hour, or 30 minutes past the hour.

Value should be either 0 (for sending on the hour) or 30 (for sending 30 minutes past the hour)
0|Error (Different descriptions for the error)
1|ScheduleID|Scheduled send successfully created.
Example name& send&TimeToSendHour=12&TimeToSendMinute=30&SendDate=2009-01-01&SendSchedule=1