API Change log
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2012-08-29 - New feature
  • New function to edit mobile messages called post_edit_mobile_message. See documentation under SMS/Texting for more information.
2012-08-27 - Source update
  • New parameter added to post_set_timezone called TimeZoneID. Use this in conjunction with get_timzones to set the timezone of an account.
2012-08-27 - New feature
  • New function to get the timezones of the system. See get_timzones under Site Settings for more information.
2012-04-10 - Alert
  • The post_subscribe function is not to be used to add bulk email addresses to a mailing list. If you wish to add email addresses in bulk to a mailing list, you should use either the post_import_mailinglist or post_import_dataset functions. You need to have a minimum of 3 seconds between post_subscribe calls, or your post_subscribe calls will be blocked until there is at least a 3 second gap between calls. Consistent abuse will result in your API access being revoked.
2011-06-13 - New feature
  • The post_get_all credits now returns monthly credits, inbox preview credits and mobile credits as well. See get_all_credits for more information.
2010-12-09 - New feature
  • Added new functionality to post_addcredits to enable Reseller and Coretrive accounts to allocate email rendering credts and mobile credits to sub accounts. See " Reseller and Corporate Account Management" -> "post_addcredits" for more information.
2010-05-20 - New feature
  • Added the ability to the get_statistics_graphs function to convert the flash graphs to images. See "Report Retrieval" -> "get_statistics_graphs" for more information.
2010-02-20 - Bug fix
  • There was a bug in the post_import_dataset function which caused wrong column mappings. When you specified Col1=2 for example, the API took the FIRST column of the imported file and wrongly inserted it into the SECOND column of the dataset. This has now been fixed so that for the example above the API will take the second column of the imported file and insert it into the first column of the dataset as it should, and as the documentation states.
2010-02-20 - Alert
  • Please note that due to underlying changes in the system, the post_create_scheduledsend function is not currently working. This function will add the scheduled send, but the send will not go out.
2010-02-05 - New feature
  • Added new function to give ebable you to query the status of a mail send. See "Sending Management" -> "get_mailsend_status" for more information.
2010-01-14 - Documentation errata fix
  • In the Example of the post_delete_from_dataset function, the email address parameter was wrongly given as 'Email=' and not 'EmailAddress' as it should have been.
2009-10-15 - New feature
  • Added new function called post_delete_mobile_message to delete a specified mobile message. See "SMS/Texting" -> "post_delete_mobile_message" for more information.
2009-10-13 - Source update
  • Function get_newsletters now returns the folder in which the newsletters resides as well.
2009-10-13 - Bug fix
  • Function get_newsletters returned all newsletters including those that have been deleted. It now only returns newsletters that have not been deleted.
2009-09-30 - New feature
  • All data can now be deleted from a dataset without deleteing the whole dataset. See Subscriber Management :
    • post_delete_dataset
2009-09-22 - Bug fix
  • The get_subscriber_info function did not return datasets under certain circumstanses which has now been fixed.
2009-09-22 - Documentation errata fix
  • The get_subscriber_info documentation page wrongly stated that no additional parameters where required, but an Email parameter was required.
2009-09-17 - Source update
  • Optimized the get_email_status function for faster execution.
2009-09-17 - New feature
  • The post_copy_dataset function can now copy datasets to subaccounts (if you are have Resseller or Corporate account) See "Subscriber Management" -> "post_copy_dataset" for more information.
2009-08-24 - New feature
  • Added new mobile functionalitiy. See SMS/Texting :
    • post_delete_mobilenumber
    • post_delete_mobilelist
    • post_create_mobile_list
2009-05-27 - Source update
  • Your API password is now separate from your account password. If you need your password changed, please contact support.
2009-05-27 - New feature
  • You can now share your main account's trusted API IP's with sub accounts when you create sub accounts, by specifying the ShareAPIIPs option.
2009-05-15 - Security update
  • The API will only work from the IP addresses or IP address ranges specified in your account. If you do not specify an IP address or IP address range, you will not have access to the API. Please see How to access the API -> API Security for more information.
2009-04-30 - New feature
  • Added more parameters to the post_create_subaccount function to allow more control on how sub accounts are created. See Reseller and Corporate Account Management for more details.
2009-04-24 - New feature
  • Added the ability to send a PDF of send statistics to an email address as an attachment for a specified send id. See Report Retrieval -> post_email_statistics_pdf for more info.
2009-04-22 - New feature
  • Added new function get_importqueue_mailinglist to view the mailing list queue. (See List Management)
2009-04-22 - Bug fix
  • The get_delivered and get_bounced functions returned an error message under certain conditions, but has now been fixed.
2009-04-22 - Source update
  • The content type of all calls that returns xml is now set to "text/xml".
2009-04-09 - Bug fix
  • On some of the report retrieval functions the resultant XML was not HTML encoded, which meant that when an email address contained an ampersand for instance, the result was returned with a "&" instead of a "&". This has now been fixed.
2009-04-09 - Bug fix
  • The return value of the post_import_newsletter has been changed. It now returns : 1|NewsletterID|Newsletter successfully imported. instead of 1|NewsletterID Newsletter successfully imported, to be consistent with the post_create_mailinglist function.
2009-03-11 - Documentation errata fix
  • The post_remove_credits needed an additional parameter called CreditType in order to work correctly.
2009-02-12 - New feature
  • Scheduled sends can now be managed through the api with the following new functions under Sending Management :
    • post_create_scheduledsend
    • post_delete_scheduledsend
    • get_scheduledsends
    • get_failed_scheduledsends
2009-02-12 - Bug fix
  • Under certain sircumstances there was problems adding a mobile number to a dataset with the post_insertdata function which has now been fixed.
2009-01-28 - New feature
  • Added new function called get_statistics_graphs to retrive the graphs for a specified send. See "Report Retrieval" -> "get_statistics_graphs" for more information.
2009-01-28 - Bug fix
  • Function get_statistics now also returns the MailingListID, NewsletterID and MailingListName.
2008-12-01 - Source update
  • When invalid values (like '<' or '>') is detected in a request, the exception is now being handled with a standard API error, and does not give a Server error anymore.